PRP INJECTIONS/vampire facial 


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are commonly used in the face to stimulate collagen, enhance microcirculation and regrowth of new healthy skin. PRP is also used alongside microneedling to help repair and rejuvenate the skin.  

PRP is a concentration of your own platelets that contain various beneficial growth factors. We Collect your PRP by drawing your blood and then using a centrifuge which spins the blood causing the platelets to separate from other components of the blood. We then use your PRP along side microneeding and for facial injections. PRP injections and facials are a great option for almost anyone because we are usuing your own natural goodness to help repair and rebuild. There is minimal side effects and downtime. 

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Where is prp injected?

PRP is commonly injected to stimulate collagen and give a more youthful appearance. 

Common areas for PRP:

Under the eyes

Around the mouth

Smile Lines


Vampire Facial $399

The cost of PRP starts at $699


The best place to start is with a zero obligation consultation. During your consultation our health care provider will determine what filler would be best for your goals. All pricing is discussed before treatment is started.