ipl - photo facial

Intense Light Pulse (IPL) photo facial is great for anyone who has sun damage, hyper pigmentation, brown spots, rosacea, and red spots. The IPL can be used on the face, chest, neck, hands, back, arms, legs, pretty much any part of the body!



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How does IPL photofacial work?

The IPL photofacial pulses out bright light that passes through the epidermis and targets the uneven pigmentation and brown spots in your skin. This treatment helps draw out and disperse the uneven pigment. The treatment also causes blood vessels under the skin to constrict, reducing redness.

Does the IPL photofacial hurt?

The IPL photofacial is not necessarily painful, most patients describe it as getting flicked with little rubber bands. You will be a bit red post treatment which will go away in about 24 hrs.  

What is the ipl photofacial like?

Your Master Esthetician will begin with a double cleanse so you can come with makeup on or off. She will then apply a conducting gel that enhances the effects of the treatment. The Esthetician will move the laser over your face flashing the light every centimeter. You will have eye protection on during your treatment for safety. 

After the treatment the gel will be removed and your skin cleaned. There is no down time so you are able to put makeup back on and return to your normal skincare routine. Please stay out of the sun and tanning beds for at least a week. Remember to always wear spf daily. 

How many treatments do i need?

Like most treatments a series is best to achieve the greatest results. Most patients need 3-6 treatments spread out every 4 weeks. We offer a membership program to help our patients save for their treatments and get a bigger discount on multiple services.