Hi, I'm Nichole Chism! I am a wife, a mom to three very energetic kiddos, business owner, travel junkie, lover of all things sweet and Savvi Ambassador. Click to hear a bit about me and why Savvi is the rocket ship I wanted to be apart of.

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Why Savvi, Why NOW

  • BE FIRST - Savvi is in pre-launch and it's a ground floor opportunity

  • Company Culture - Savvi is all about empowering and loving others

  • Quality of the products that are ALL inclusive, xxs-3xl 


  • SIMPLE System to Duplicate! No parties, No events, No three way calls, No website fees!!!! You make money from wearing and sharing!

How do I make money with Savvi?

  • You'll earn 25%+ Commissions off of every item you sell through your free app

  • When people join you as an Ambassador in this opportunity you earn a commission off of which starter pack they pick and you will also earn 4-7% commission off of Team Volume 

  • Generational Volume 

  • Bonuses through advancements

  • Profit sharing pools 

The two best ways to join Savvi

Referral Code: liveloud

What's your belief?

WHAT IF.....

  • What's your belief? 

  • You are not alone! You will be surrounded by a huge group of empowering, kind, uplifting women!

  • Success is found in duplication! You don't need to create, reinvent, or produce anything. Simply plug in and duplicate what is already proven to be a successful system!

Referral Code: liveloud

What's holding you back?

  • We run Savvi off of our phones in the nooks and crannies of our busy days. No three way calls, no meetings, no website fees. Everything is done off of our FREE app!

  • NO INVENTORY. Savvi handles all of the inventory, shipping and returns. 

  • You will be with me and surrounded by so many amazing women. It doesn't matter you background or experience, YOU can be SUCCESSFUL!

Referral Code: liveloud

It's time to take a leap of faith!

  • If you're looking for extra income, Savvi is for you!

  • If you're looking for time freedom, Savvi is for you!

  • If you're looking for that opportunity to help and bless others with, Savvi is for you!


Referral Code: liveloud